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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Reducing the outer vaginal lips or the labia is done through a medical procedure known as labiaplasty. The main aim of labiaplasty is to reduce the diameter and or the size of the labia or the vaginal lips. The procedure gives the vagina a more appealing appearance. Labiaplasty involves the removal of the extra skin on the vagina. Once this is done the vagina returns to the state it was before childbirth, for women that have had children, the vagina appears more natural and gets a nicer look.

The procedure takes an hour to complete and is an outpatient service. Labiaplasty is a female cosmetic surgery that can be used to correct deformities or enlarged labia resulting from childbirth. Women with this condition tend to be self-conscious and often uncomfortable. Enlarged labia may affect exercising and sexual intercourse. It may also prevent women from wearing certain types of clothes such as bathing suits or leggings to avoid embarrassment, so they avoid tight clothing at all costs.

When the labia majora relaxes with time sagging is inevitable, and the perineum may reveal signs of cuts caused by childbirth. Enlarged labia is a very common condition found amongst women. Our certified and fully qualified specialists can correct this defect professionally and with minimal or no negative effects on the patients. The procedure will not affect the surrounding areas or the woman’s sexual responsiveness. The procedure conducted by Dr. Sue Kafali restores the vagina’s natural looks and the confidence in the women. After the procedure, these women can easily enjoy exercising, wearing tight clothing and enjoy sexual intercourse without any concerns on how they look. The procedure is very common and highly effective, and Dr. Sue Kafali happens to be among the best practitioners in this field. We assure you that you will be in safe hands.

Who qualifies for Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is recommended for women who have elongated labia due to childbirth, menopause, weight loss, old age or hereditary conditions. Women experiencing pain, discomfort or self-consciousness in social gatherings and day-to-day activities due to stretched out labia are the main candidates for this procedure. A visit to Dr. Kafali will be very important as you will get the chance to state your concerns and hear what she has to say about the procedure and what options will be available to you. In most cases self-esteem is directly linked to an individual’s genitalia. This simply means that if ones’ genitalia differs from what is considered to be normal, chances are very high they will have a low self-esteem. Thanks to improvements in technology, deformities in the genital region can now be easily corrected through minor surgeries. Labiaplasty goes hand in hand with vaginal tightening also known as vaginal rejuvenation surgery where the vagina is tightened back to its normal form before childbirth. A sling may also be placed to prevent urine leakage.

Dr. Kafali has won several awards in relation to vaginal cosmetic surgery. The doctor has undergone extensive training and is well versed and fully experienced and qualified to conduct the procedures. Dr. Kafali is a registered and certified OB/GYN expert and physician. The extensive training she and her colleagues in the same field have received has paved the way for new and more effective advancements in vaginal cosmetic surgery.

The improvement of the external vaginal appearance is what is commonly known as vaginal cosmetic surgery. Many changes occur in women’s bodies from birth and the vaginal appearance changes with time due to old age and childbirth. However, most women are born with enlarged labia hence the need for vaginal cosmetic surgery as most of them are not pleased with the condition. The surgery helps these women regain their confidence; it reconstructs the appearance of the vagina, and it greatly boosts the women’s self-esteem. In some women, the enlarged labia will cause more visible effects like discomfort and irritation. Labiaplasty will help such women and restore their comfort and get rid of the irritation all together.

To many people, labiaplasty may seem like a very simple and straightforward procedure that just involves the cutting of the enlarged part of the exterior vaginal walls. However, that is not the case as conducting the surgery is more complex than it appears. Labiaplasty is among the most complex cosmetic surgeries being practiced to date, and it requires a highly trained individual to conduct the procedure to achieve the intended results at a professional level that will satisfy the patient. It is very crucial that the patient is aware of the qualifications of the doctor that will perform the surgery as it is a new practice, and not so many doctors can perform it successfully. The doctors’ experience is also very important, as it will give the patient information that will help them decide if they are willing to let that particular doctor perform the surgery.

Vaginal cosmetic surgery includes the following services; labiaplasty, reduction of the labia minora, labia majora, and the clitoral hood. The surgery is not only limited to that but also involves labia majora augmentation and mons pubis reduction.

For one to achieve the perfect results from cosmetic surgery, the procedure should involve all parts of the vagina to ensure every part is covered. The various parts of the vagina that should be involved in vaginal cosmetic surgery include the labia majora and minora, mons pubis area, and the perennial region. A proper combination of procedures involving all the parts of a vagina will be a sure way of achieving the best results for the surgery.

Cosmetic vaginal surgery has received widespread attention that has led to several advancements that aim to make the practice even more beneficial to the women that need it. Dr. Kafali is a seasoned expert that has been the spearhead in the furthering of cosmetic vaginal surgery advancements. Patients from all over the country are aware of this fact, and they travel from far to have her perform these surgeries. She is a well-known master surgeon is this field, and her work is flawless.

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