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What Is Modified Posterior Perineoplasty?

Perineoplasty commonly known as vaginal rejuvenation is a vagina reconstruction procedure that effectively tightens the vagina. This process involves condensing the underlying pelvic muscles, tightening and altering the vagina angle so as to strengthen the pelvic floor. The procedure enhances a woman’s pleasure during sex and her ability to orgasm giving her better friction.

The perineal may be damaged due to child birth among other factors thus making the vagina loose. This procedure not only rebuilds and tightens the pelvic muscle is makes the vagina narrow enhancing stimulation.

Best candidate for perineoplasty

Anyone who is experiencing vaginal looseness due to factors like age, giving birth, or even genetics is a good candidate for the procedure. Due to these factors the vagina can become loose making a woman have difficulty in achieving orgasms or even feeling friction. Vaginal tightening corrects factors that cause the vaginal loosening like dis-attachment, thinning or even separation of pelvic floor.

How to choose the right surgeon

Ensure the surgeon performing the procedure is Board-Certified Ob-Gyn. This is a trained physician who is fully acquainted with vaginal floor anatomy.

Check to ensure that the surgeon is trained in the field of pelvic floor operations that are designed to tighten the vagina and also enhancement of sexual pleasure. The primary aim of perineoplasty is enhancing sexual pleasure though other incontinence problems can be corrected in the procedure.

Choose an experienced surgeon who has at least performed 10 perineoplasties designed for sexual enhancement purposes.

Dr. Sue Kafali is an Ob-Gyn is a highly skilled surgeon trained in the latest breakthrough perineoplasty techniques.

How the procedure works

A V-shaped incision is constructed in the vagina’s posterior wall. The incision is made around 4:00 and 8:00 positions at the current hymeneal ring and also vaginal opening up to about above the anal verge. All the skin in the vulvae vestibule and perineum is removed. The skin surrounding the vagina is peeled over the pelvic floor. Old scars tissue is removed. The muscles are then accurately re-approximated along the vaginal floor. All excess skin is removed and the incision is carefully stitched using dissolvable stitches.

Preparation for surgery

Women that are postmenopausal are likely to have under-estrogen zed vaginal walls unless they are using intra-vaginal estrogen therapy. It is important to take intra-vaginal estrogen therapy for at least two to three months before the surgery. You should also take a balanced diet with plenty of protein, curb and drink lots of water. You can also do aerobics to help you prepare. Your doctor may administer an antibiotic injection prior or post the surgery.

What to expect afterward

There is minimal pain after surgery which can be managed by taking hydrocodone among other pain killers.

It is advisable to rest for a week after the surgery. Then you can get up and move without getting involved in exercises like running.

You should begin your vigorous routine activities after three weeks. It is advisable not to have penetrative sex up to about six to eight weeks.

The incision should be maintained dry and clean until it heals. A person should take lots of fluids after surgery to avoid constipation.

The vagina may feel tight at after surgery but it eventually becomes comfortable. It is important to do pelvic floor exercises after surgery using special devices so as to improve longevity of the procedure. Exercising the repaired muscles maintains long-term results.

What can go wrong?

The vagina may turn out to be too tight requiring dilations or not tight enough. A person may get an infection. Healing may take longer than anticipated or the incision can open during lovemaking. A fistula can develop between the rectum and vagina necessitating surgery. However with the current state of technology many of these factors are modifiable to a significant extent. Moreover, there is out-patient procedures in-case of any complication.

The results

Though there are rare horrific stories of perineoplasty online, a well-handled surgery delivers optimum results. According to peer review sites, ninety percent of people are happy with the results. The outcome is dependent on the patient’s commitment to pelvic floor exercises and observing the guidelines provided by the doctor. Perineoplasty allows a couple to finally enjoy satisfying sex.

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