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What Is G-Spot Amplification?

Modern medicine has finally perfected an effective treatment for women who have trouble reaching a G-Spot orgasm: the G-Spot amplification.

The G-Spot, or Grafenberg Spot, is a dime sized erogenous zone beneath the surface of the vaginal wall. It's stimulation results in sexual arousal and powerful orgasms. Through an in-office procedure, performed under local anesthetic, the G-Spot can be enlarged with a simple injection to provide increased sex drive and a more intensely passionate sexual experience.

Many women suffer from diminished sex drive, difficulty becoming aroused and an inability to reach orgasm. G-Spot amplification can provide immediate relief without surgical intervention.

G Spot amplification Chicago
G Spot Enhancement in Chicago, IL

Is G-Spot amplification safe?

When administered by a trained and licensed physician the G-Spot amplification procedure uses only FDA approved collagen to enlarge the patient's G-Spot and allow her to begin enjoying an improved sex life. Complications are rare and should be discussed with your doctor prior to completing the procedure.

How is G-Spot amplification accomplished?

The procedure involves injecting a filler into the G-spot to increase its surface area. This harmless filler is naturally absorbed by the body after around 3-6 months post-procedure. The effects of the injection are directly tied to how quickly the collagen is absorbed into the body. After 3-6 months it is safe to receive another injection and prolong these life altering changes.

Is there a recovery period?

It is safe to have sex the same day as the procedure and normal non-sexual activity can be resumed the same day without interruption. Many women report feeling an immediate, and drastic, improvement in their enjoyment of sex. Because there is no ongoing medication, like many drugs manufactured to treat mens' sexual conditions, the recipient of a G-Spot amplification is ready to engage in better, more fulfilling sex without having to wait for pills to "kick in." The result is a more spontaneous, passionate and natural sex life.

G Spot amplification in Chicago, IL
Where to get G-Spot Amplification in Chicago, IL

Is there a permanent alternative?

At present, G-Spot amplification in the United States is limited to the injection of collagen, and some similar naturally occurring compounds, which are absorbed into the body over the course of a few months.

This method has been evaluated and studied for safety and efficacy. While practitioners in some European countries currently offer amplification procedures with longer lasting effects these methods have not been evaluated by U.S. based healthcare practitioners and regulators.

However, this painless procedure can be repeated often to ensure a lasting effect. In addition, because the injections do not result in a permanent change, patients can simply not repeat the G-Spot amplification in the future if they are not 100% pleased with the results.

Is G-Spot enhancement right for me?

You should consider G-Spot amplification if you aren't getting the most out of your sex life. Whether you have been married for decades or are single you deserve to experience as much pleasure as possible when you are with your partner. But while G-Spot amplification can clearly make intercourse more pleasurable you should also consider how heightened arousal will make foreplay more playful and allow you to experience a greater level of intimacy with your partner.

Life is too short to not enjoy it to its fullest extent. Don't feel guilty about your pleasure. Consider making an investment in your own well being and happiness.

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